Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Home for the Holidays: Day 7

For those of you who don't take Sunday off, I'm sorry I missed posting this! I was still down with the flu today, but I think tomorrow I will be back to normal. I am finally feeling better now (Sunday evening).

Here is the Day 7 assignment. If you want, you can put 1/2 of your Monday time toward this assignment and 1/2 toward the Day 8 assignment. Since I've been down for several days, I'm going to start on Day 7 and work backward if I have extra time. It's fine to mix up the days, jump in anywhere, or skip days. The point is to make a difference beyond your usual cleaning routine (and to work toward establishing one if you're bad at being consistent like me). We started out kind of fast and furious, but since most people don't have 50+ rooms, expect to spend several days on each one until it is up to par. We will come back before Christmas arrives.

Go through the cupboards/shelves in your bathroom. Throw away all old toiletries or things that you don't use/want (including stuff that didn't work as advertised). Wipe down the shelves and put everything back in an organized manner. If you have extra time, wipe down and disinfect bathroom surfaces, then deep clean toilet and bath/shower.

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Hillary L said...

thanks, this has really helped! I was super tired today but told myself just an hour. So I cleaned out the fridge and wiped it down. I don't know how my mom managed to have us do it every week! Well we didn't do anything fun on Saturday's!!!