Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Home for the Holidays: Day 11

We're getting far enough along in the challenge that it's hard to do something specific that applies to everyone. Today, pick one or two of the following areas and spend an hour cleaning, organizing, and decluttering:

* Kids' room(s)
* Outdoors/garage/carport/shed/porch
* Home office/computer area
* Entertainment area
* Laundry room/laundry piles
* Linens
* Pantry
* Pet areas
* Hobby areas
* Coat closet
* Game cupboard

Also, why don't you post a comment and let everyone know how you're coming? Do you have any suggestions for future assignments? I'd like to get some feedback so I know what people are done with and what they need to work on more. Any days you would like to repeat or work further on?


April said...

I have been following your blog and trying to keep up (can be difficult with 2 year old twin boys though). I would definitely like more time to spend in the kitchen.

Jeremy said...

I turn around and the kids have created another mess. Atleast I can look at the clean fridge! Ideas for other days (Because this is what I need to do!) Clean oven, floor boards, clean out car (not just carry the stuff out of it, but wipe it down!), finish projects around the house that NEED to be finished. Such as hang the picture of my 17 month old up on the wall along with her siblings. I have all the baby pictures hanging up in my room, and hers is missing. It was taken and has sat un hung!

Lydja said...

I have had to take it slow, as my energy and let's me honest, drive, have been low but today I started dusting my living room. I only did one lap table and got to the bookshelves. So I decided it was time to give them a dusting and get rid of any books we don't need/want. It feels good. I recently made a list of all the areas I want to tackle in each room and boy howdy it's a big list. I'll probably be working on these things well after Christmas. Mostly, I'm nesting and getting ready for baby number three coming at the end of March. Glad I made a list though. It's nice to check things off!

Tara said...

I think the challenges have been great thus far. I am really seeing improvement all throughout the house.

Ideas for future challenges: Definitely the car!
Paper Clutter
Vacuuming and floor boards
Ceilings and cob webs
Dish cupboards
Decorating :)