Monday, November 02, 2009

A Home for the Holidays: Day 3

We've had a couple of really intense days - good for you! Today we're going to have a little change of pace.

First, sit down with a notebook or at your computer, and start thinking of Christmas gift and greeting cards (if you do them - you don't need to start just for this; we're all about simplifying).

I hate it when stores pull out the Christmas stuff before Halloween too, but we're not going to do any decorating. We're just planning ahead so we have some smooth sailing the next month.

Write down names of people you'd like to get gifts for and some ideas you might have. Try to set a price range so you don't blow your budget on gifts. Starting early, you'll be able to have time to find good prices and gifts that fit the recipient and your relationship to them well.

It is also early enough that you could organize a name drawing system for your family or group or get started on handmade gifts (or you could combine them like we are doing in my family this year!). I think this year especially, people will appreciate both the simplicity of buying only one gift and the loving nature of handmade items. Staying within your means will add an extra dimension of restfulness to your holiday season.

Once you have your holiday plan down, you can either pat yourself on the back for completing this day's objectives or work some more on the lists from Day 1 and Day 2. Working ahead in other areas of your house is wonderful, too! This challenge is all about getting your house the way you want it.


Chris and Audrey said...
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Chris and Audrey said...

All I did was write down all the family members we need gifts for, but it feels so nice to have it all somewhere else besides my head! It seems like every other year we have forgotten someone until right before Christmas.