Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A Home for the Holidays: Day 5

Day 5:

Only one work day left this week!

Today we are going to do a decluttering binge. The best declutterer will be getting a prize (that takes up very little space), mailed to you by yours truly! (It also comes with absolution of guilt if you decide to re-gift it or get rid of it at any point.)

So, here is what I want you to do:
* Get rid of at least 30 donatable items and get them out of your house! It is best if you can drive it to your favorite charity, but at least get it out of your house and into your car.
* Throw out any trash you find
* Find at least one item you think would be worth your time to sell and list it online or take it to a consignment shop (or at least in the car ready to go to the shop). Resolve to donate it if you are unable to sell it.

When you are done for the day (and before you take the stuff away!), take a picture and post it to the Flickr group. Please only include stuff you marked for "deletion" today - stuff already in your to-donate pile doesn't count. If you can't take a picture, post a list in the comments. I'll pick who did the best job (based on both volume and quality - i.e. getting rid of a room full of styrofoam won't necessarily be an automatic win), and if there's not a clear winner, I will enlist some judges or award multiple prizes.

The decluttering contest will accept entries through November 13th.

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