Friday, March 13, 2009

Online Quilt Shop?

Can anyone recommend a good online quilt shop? With two young children, I have a hard time making it to local stores (when I do, I have the shop owners tearing their hair out with my daughter running around, even though she doesn't touch the merchandise). The one I've used so far has really disappointed me on each of my last three orders, so I'd like to try somewhere new.

I'm interested in trying Connecting Threads because I've really been pleased with Knit Picks and they're owned by the same company, but I'd also like some recommendations for shops that carry fabric from major design houses. Good prices on fabric and shipping would be great, but I'd really love somewhere that doesn't put me on backorder for months on end with no notifications or updates and send me kits with different fabrics than the ones pictured with no apologies.


Kizzie said...

Some friends of mine in Missouri opened this amazing quilt shop and recently got their site up and running, there's a blog and a message board they check personally if you have any questions. And all the stuff they have is great!
I shopped there when I went back to visit, I love it. I'm not educated on prices that are "normal" so I'm not sure how they compare there, but it doesn't seem outrageous to me.
here's the link

Kizzie said...

also, they're shipping is $5 for whatever you order.

Carol said...

My sister and I love shopping at the quilted castle - - the prices are pretty good and they keep the shipping very reasonable.
They have lots of fabric by designer or manufacturer.
Happy Shopping..

azurerocket said...

Thanks for the great suggestions! Keep them coming!

Jessica Stier said...

It's not quilt shop, per se, but I have had lots of luck finding fabric at They have great prices but often what they have is all they will have so when they run out you're out of luck for more if you need it. Good and bad.

pmc said...

Try - great customer service, gorgeous selection, and 2% of all purchases go to charity.